Yes. OneON Automations provides solution for existing house as well under construction.

Yes. OneON do not modify your existing wiring. Your interiors/existing wiring will not be altered.

Yes. Your existing switches will function the same way. In addition, you can control them using your smart phones/tabs/laptop.

No. All you need is a wi-fi router and no internet connection to control your home.

Yes. As OneON solution is modular, start with one room/switch, then add other appliances at your convenience.

No. You can control your home switch from anywhere. No need to be in the line of sight.

Yes. You can control your OneON connected appliances from anywhere provided you have internet connection.

Yes. OneON gardening solution will take care of your plants when you are away. It will water your plants based on your settings.

No. OneON security solution is preventive solution. OneON alerts by siron, Calls you/list of people, Send Intruders photo when someone intrudes your house. A typical CCTV solution will only help you to see how the theft happened, but OneON prevents the theft.
No. In fact, as you use the power smarter, your power bill will be less than usual.
Yes. OneON security solution sense the smoke and alerts you.
Yes. OneON solution supports multiple devices control the home from multiple locations, simultaneously.