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“Welcome to OneON Automations”

OneON Automation solution focuses on complementing your lifestyle with Smart Home Solutions. OneON Smart Home Solution range of services include control of lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning), TV / home theatre, distributed audio, security & surveillance, motorised curtains and blinds, Home Appliances & Garden. OneON Automation integrates these systems. with a wireless network to give you simple & complete control. OneON Automaton offers  solutions on a project basis for new home or on a retrofit mode for the existing home.

Why OneON ?

Multi control

Simultaneously, Multiple family members can control the home using multiple devices across multiple locations.

No need to Alter Wiring/Switches

Add OneON switch module. Existing Switch works as it is  & control the same using OneON as well.


Start with one room extend to other rooms when you feel like.


Change home frequently? No Problem. OneON is portable. Take the OneON modules to the new home. In 30 mins, your new home is ready.


Need specific device/Appliance to be controlled? We have solution to control most of the appliances.

Local Development Center

Get better support as our Development team is located in Bangalore.

We focus on complementing your lifestyle with Smart Home Solutions.

OneON Solutions

Security Solution

OneON security solution helps you to secure your home with Door Sensors, Glass break sensors, Motion sensors, Smoke Sensor, Gas Leak Sensor and IP cameras.

How it works:

OneON Gateway senses the security breach and alerts you by the following means:

  • Activation of Siren
  • SMS alert with specific breach location
  • Mail with picture and specific breach location
  • App Notification

All you need to do is to configure the right mobile numbers and mail addresses. OneON sends alert to the configured numbers and addresses in case of breach.

Convenience solution

Live your life like a king.
OneON senses you are about to get up and opens the curtain to bring the first rays of sun light to your feet, Turn off Air Conditioner, Turn ON the Geyser.

How it works:

OneON gateway senses sunrise/sunset and accordingly turn ON/OFF appliances. At Mornings, it opens the curtains, turn off A/C, Turn ON Geysor. At Evening it Turn ON lights.

Entertainment Solution

Enter Home after a tiring day with your favorite music ON, curtain close, Lights Dim, Home audio sets in for a movie experience.

How it works:

OneON gateway understands the theme selected, based on that it turn ON/OFF your home entertainment devices.

OneON gateway prepares your home for lively experience based on the entertainment theme selected.


OneON gateway senses you are at Dining Table and plays the Business News channel on your TV.

Energy Solution

Make the world greener by saving energy.
OneON gateway senses your presence and turns on light and turn it off once you are away.

How it works:

OneON gateway senses the movement of occupants of the home and controls the lights based on that. OneON senses outside temperature and controls your A/C automatically. OneON gateway turns off your appliances once you are away from home.


OneON gateway Turn off lights while you move out of the room.

OneON gateway waters your plants based on the humidity, temperature and rain fall by controlling the drip irrigation source.

Advance Solutions

 OneON Kids:

This is a Monitoring Device for the kids movement. It is a small device that can be carried by the kids’ bag/dress. It helps to find missing child, whether it’s on a family outing, field trip, or on the child’s way home from school.

How it works:

Lightweight location devices shall be carried by the kids’ bag/dress. It uses GSM, GPS technologies to identify the location and update via cloud. The same data is accessed by the App from a smart device.

OneON Auto:

This is a Monitoring and Tracking device for any car. It shows the vehicle movement on real time and provides vital data like trip info, max and min speed, fuel consumption. It shows the driving behavior.

Salient features.

Control your home at your fingertips

Control your home at your fingertips

Access and control your home from anywhere, anytime.

Start your Day Fresh

Start your Day Fresh

Geyser turned ON, Fan turned OFF, Favorite Music ON, Blinds OPEN. Just get up and get ready!!

Secure your Home

Secure your Home

Someone intruded your home? OneON alerts you with photo of the intruder Alerts you you when Window glass broken

Leave home without doubt

Leave home without doubt

OneON senses you are out of home and turns off appliances that you forget to switch off OneON locks your door if you forgot to.

Reach home like a king

OneON senses your arrival,

Unlock the main door and plays your favorite music. Your favorite theme applied to your home by the time you come back from work

We are here to help you out at any time.

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